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 World Health Organization
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    Improving Access to and Use of Essential Medicines

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Medicines and Insurance Coverage (MedIC) Initiative



Glossary of Terms Used for Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Policies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries


MedIC 2007: Facilitator List (alphabetical by last name)

Dr. John Chalker
Management Sciences for Health
Center for Pharmaceutical Management
4301 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22203 USA

Dr. Chalker is a UK-trained physician with a Masters degree in Community Health in Developing Countries and a PhD in Health Systems Research. He is currently a Principal Program Associate with Management Sciences for Health and Coordinator of a five year Swedish funded program to learn how to monitor and improve adherence to antiretroviral medicines in East Africa.

He is the current Coordinator of the International Network for the Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD), which is a global network of some 24 groups in 22 countries composed of academics, health managers, and policymakers, which for 18 years have been involved in developing, testing, and implementing interventions to improve use of medicines. He served as Chair of the International Organizing Committee for the International Conference on Improving Use of Medicine in Chiang Mai, which brought together almost 500 action researchers and policy makers from seventy countries in a highly interactive and productive conference ( He has 19 years of experience in designing, implementing, and managing health development projects and quality improvement interventions in the public and private sectors and at the local, regional, and national level in a wide range of resource poor countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, MD, MD(UK), FPCP, FPSECP, FPSCOT
Executive Director of Zuellig Foundation
Telephone (632) 864-0184, 864-0197
Fax (632) 892-2871

Dr. Hartigan-Go is Executive Director of The Zuellig Foundation. He is also a member of the Coordinating Team of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health where he leads the development of the Year Level 6 Curriculum. He completed his BS in Psychology, Cum Laude at the University of the Philippines and received his Doctor of Medicine from the UP College of Medicine. Dr. Hartigan-Go completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at the UP-PGH and pursued his clinical pharmacology fellowship in the UK and then obtained his postgraduate degree Doctor of Medicine from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne for his work Drug Induced QT Prolongation.

In 1999 he was appointed as the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Food and Drugs and was concurrent manager of the Philippine National Drug Policy Programme of the Department of Health. In this official capacity, he was also designated briefly as vice-chairman of the Dangerous Drugs Board in 2001. Until 2005, Dr. Hartigan-Go was Professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, UP College of Medicine. He is a practicing internist and toxicologist at the Medical City Hospital, the Cardinal Santos Medical Centre and the Manila Doctors Hospital. He is a consultant to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation.

Dr. Richard Laing (Medical Officer)
Policy, Access and Rational Use,
Medicine Policy Standards,
World Health Organization
CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland
Telephone 41 22 791 4533
Fax 41 22791 4167

Dr. Laing is a physician who worked at all levels for 18 years in the Ministry of Health Zimbabwe. After receiving post graduate degrees in public health and health policy, he spent 13 years in Boston, USA. He initially worked for an international consulting company establishing the International Network for the Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD).

He was then a professor of international public health at Boston University School of Public Health before joining WHO in mid 2003 as a medical officer. He has served on a number of WHO Expert Committees. He has an extensive list of academic publications and is one of the editors and authors of the standard text Managing Drug Supply. At WHO, he is responsible for editing the Essential Drugs Monitor and for coordinating training and research related to promoting rational use of drugs in the community. He was one of the authors of the Priority Medicines for Europe and the World report. Most recently he has been engaged in working on measurement of medicines pricing and availability as part of the joint WHO/HAI project on Medicine prices.

Dr. Dennis Ross-Degnan, ScD
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Director of Research, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Co-Director, WHO Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policy
Drug Policy Research Group
Dept. of Ambulatory Care & Prevention
133 Brookline Avenue, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02215 USA
Tel: +1 617-509-9920
Fax: +1 617-859-8112

Dr. Ross-Degnan, Sc.D., is Associate Professor at the Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention (DACP) at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Director of Research at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. He holds a doctorate in health policy and management from the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Ross-Degnan's career has focused primarily on improving health systems in the US and developing countries, including research on the effects of pharmaceutical policies, factors underlying appropriate use of medicines, interventions to improve quality of care, and applied research methodology in low resource settings. In 1990, he co-founded the International Network for Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD), a global network of academics, health managers, and policymakers involved in developing and testing interdisciplinary interventions to improve use of medicines. In recognition of these efforts, he was awarded the 2005 HMS Klaus Peter International Teaching Award. He has consulted extensively with the World Health Organization on issues related to access to and appropriate use of medicines, and pharmaceutical sector monitoring and evaluation. Dr. Ross-Degnan also co-directs the World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Pharmaceutical Policy which is based jointly at DACP and the Boston University Center for International Health and Development.

Dr. Madeleine Valera, MD, MScIH (Heidelberg)
Vice President
Quality Assurance Research and Policy Development Group
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
CityState Center, 709 Shaw Blvd., Brgy. Oranbo
1600 Pasig City, Philippines
Telefax: (632) + 637-9693

Dr. Valera is a senior health care service professional with over 18 years of professional expertise in primary health care service delivery, financing and management in the public and private sectors.

She has served in senior level positions with a national social health insurance organization, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC), responsible for quality assurance; benefit development; policy development; developing standards of accreditation; developing the health care benefits package covering TB and Maternity Care, and outpatient benefits; and drug and contraceptives devices reimbursement.

Dr. Valera has extensive experience with the Local Government Units through the coordination of various social and health reform programs of the Department of Health and office of the President of the Philippines. As former Assistant Cabinet Officer for Regional Development (CORD) for the Cordillera and CARAGA Region, she facilitated projects and activities of Local Government Units (Provincial and Municipal) with various National and International governmental and non-governmental agencies. Dr. Valera has significant experience in policy development, having assisted in the formulation of the National Policy Agenda for such health and development issues as Minimum Basic Needs, Devolution, Poverty Alleviation, and Social Reform, Population Policy, NGO-GO Collaboration and Partnership in Health and Alternative Medicine, many of which were later translated into Philippine Law. She has vast experience in developing PHIC benefits and in drug and health care financing.

Dr. Valera acted as field tutor/mentor of the interns from Heidelberg University in Germany and the Youth Internship Program (YIP) of the Canadian International Development Authority (CIDA) since 2000. Likewise, she is involved in the development of course modules for Health Care Governance, Medical Records Management and Health Information Management.

Dr. Valera was a recipient of the Pyle Fellowship in the Harvard Medical School Pharmaceutical Policy Research Fellowship. Her researches cover performance monitoring of health insurance benefits with focus on quality, equity, access, efficiency/effectiveness, development of outpatient drug benefits for vaccination and chronic illness, as well as development of Medicare policy.

Dr. Anita K. Wagner, PharmD, MPH, DrPH
Assistant Professor
Director, MedIC Course in Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis
Co-Director, Pharmaceutical Policy Research Fellowship
Drug Policy Research Group and WHO Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policy
Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention
Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
133 Brookline Avenue, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02215 USA
Phone: +1 617 509 9956
Fax: +1 617 859 8112

Dr. Wagner is Assistant Professor in the Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention (DACP) at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. She holds a Master of Public Health degree and a doctorate in epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health and a doctorate in clinical pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences and is licensed to practice pharmacy in Germany and Massachusetts.

Dr. Wagner conducts research to inform evidence-based policy decisions intended to improve access to and use of medicines for vulnerable populations in the United States and particularly in developing countries. Her teaching activities focus on building capacity in insurance systems to design, implement, and evaluate medicines benefit policies. For the WHO Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policy, she leads the global Medicines and Insurance Coverage (MedIC) Initiative.

Dr. John Wong
7 Antares Street
Bel-Air Village 4
1209 Makati, MM
Phone: (632) 896-2190
Mobile: (63917) 866-7126

Dr. Wong has extensive experience in epidemiology, drug management systems, and health supply chains. He has dealt with diverse problems in drug management systems while working with the WHO, UNICEF, the GFATM, the World Bank, USAID, the EC, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Philippine Department of Health.

At present, he is a faculty of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, and the Ateneo School of Science and Engineering-Health Science Program. He has conducted postgraduate courses in District Health Management, Managerial Epidemiology, and Health Technology Assessment. As an epidemiologist and a physician, he brings unique perspectives and skills to the problems of health in the community.

Dr. Maria Eufemia C. Yap, MD, MSc
Associate Dean
Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health
Manila, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 899-7691 to 96 Local 2209-2211
Fax: (632) 899-4589

Dr. Yap is Associate Dean of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health. She completed her BS Biology from the Ateneo de Manila University and her Doctor of Medicine from the Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (FEU-NRMF). Dr. Yap completed her Master of Science in Community Health and Health Management for Developing Countries at the ITHÖG, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

She spent the first ten years of her professional life as a social development worker, focusing on community based health and health care financing under the LIKAS office of the Center for Community Services of the Ateneo de Manila University and eventually helped to set up the HEALTHDEV Institute where she started as Program Officer eventually becoming its Executive Director until 1998. Dr. Yap then became Associate Director of the Master in Health Service Administration Program of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. She is also actively involved in research and policy projects for the Department of Health, WHO, ILO and USAID. She is concurrently Director of the Health Unit, Ateneo Graduate School of Business where she is also faculty in the MBA Health Program.


Information from the Third International Conference for Improving Use of Medicines, ICIUM2011