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Glossary of Terms Used for Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Policies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries


Drug Policy Issues Course

The Drug Policy Issues (DPI) course is a longstanding course at BUSPH, offered both as a semester-long course and, in collaboration with WHO and others, as a 2-week regional short course. The regional short course was delivered in the Dominican Republic in 2005 in conjunction with WHO/PAHO. Drs. Brenda Waning, Warren Kaplan, Jorge Bermudez, and Richard Laing served as the course coordinators and presenters. The BUSPH semester course has evolved into a global drug policy issues course that now addresses both developed and developing country issues. The DPI course examines national drug policies, selection issues, financing (including health insurance systems and mega global initiatives), public-private relationships, approaches to improving drug use, human resource shortages, medicine donations, medicine prices, medicine quality, medicine safety/post-marketing surveillance, program and policy evaluation, and many other issues. The DPI course, a cornerstone of the new BU-PAMP program, provides students with case-based approaches to medicines issues involving international and local experts to present pharmaceutical policy issues and potential solutions.

Information from the Third International Conference for Improving Use of Medicines, ICIUM2011