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Technical Assistance to Hills Governance Program and Norad Ė Transparency and Safeguarding Medicines

The Hills Governance Program was established by Roderick M. Hills, former Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and his wife, Carla Hills, a former cabinet member in the Ford and Bush administrations, to promote good governance through transparency initiatives. With experience establishing governance programs in Asia and Latin America, the Hills Program was approached by the Millenium Challenge Corporation and USAIDís Democracy and Governance Office to consider transparency initiatives to safeguard HIV/AIDS drug supply in Africa. In 2006, BUís Dr. Taryn Vian was invited to two expert meetings to discuss these issues with officials of MCC, USAID, PEPFAR, World Bank, and other organizations interested in governance issues. She prepared a briefing on vulnerabilities to corruption in HIV/AIDS medicines procurement and supply systems, and provided advice on the establishment of a governance program in Kenya.

She was also invited to technical meetings in Oslo, with Noradís Office of Peace, Gender, and Democracy, and the Global Health Office. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss corruption risk in the governance of country-level Global Fund programs, including drug supply security. At the same time, she presented an internal seminar on corruption risk mitigation and a lecture on transparency issues in drug supply, financial management, and provider-patient interactions for an audience of Norwegian NGOs working in the health sector. The Sudanese Ambassador to Norway attended this meeting and requested additional reports and information from BU. See presentation posted at BUís Accountability and Transparency for Health web site,


Information from the Third International Conference for Improving Use of Medicines, ICIUM2011