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MedIC Initiative

Data collection using the MedIC Health Insurance survey will continue.

Following the successful launch of the MedIC Initiative Course in Medicines Policy Analysis, the CCPP will intends to hold courses in different parts of the world, starting with course planning for Africa and China.

Collaborations with health insurance systems in the Philippines on developing an outpatient medicines benefit and in Mexico on improving quality of care using a large electronic health record system will continue. New collaborations with colleagues in health insurance programs are likely to be formed in Ghana on evaluating the transition from fee-for-service to case-based payment, and in Peru on improving the quality of dispensing and clinical data for reimbursement.

The MedIC section of the CCPP web site will contain space for interaction among officials from health insurance systems.


WHOCCPP awarded funding for Interdisciplinary Research and Training for Improving Access to and Use of Medicines in China by Harvard China Fund

Upcoming Courses

MedIC Initiative Courses in Accra, Ghana, November 16-25, 2008 and Beijing, China in the Spring of 2009